Wot Recruitment Note

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Wot Recruitment Note
Right To Rule wants....you! Dear World of Tanks player, We are sending you this message because we would like you to consider joining us. RTR is a community of mature, respectful gamers, focused on supporting each other in match. You are receiving this because either your stats meet our criteria, or one of our members noted your gameplay. We participate in all aspects of the game, though currently our focus has turned toward strongholds skirmishes and earning gold in tournaments. Please check us out at www.righttorule.com and join us in Teamspeak at teamspeak.righttorule.com to meet the group and see what games we play. In short we strive for: 1. No unsportsmanlike conduct. (Be mature: Intolerance or disrespect of others in game or in RTR channels is not acceptable) 2. No cheating. (We don't condone cheaters, on our side or theirs.) 3. Teamspeak (We are a Community. Join us in teamspeak and wear your clan tag in games.) 4. Problems? Ask a leader, make us aware of the issue. Action will be taken, but remember we are ALL volunteers here, so give us some time to sort things out. 5. Remember, it's just a game. Play to win, but have fun. 6. Always know your cheese. Finally, please remember: RTR is a fellowship of respectful gamers. We are all volunteers and here for fun. Please join us for an hour or as a member, and see what gives our organization the....Right To Rule! Warmdoberg, Executive officer, RTR WOT Warm Therapist, Captain, Right To Rule
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