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New Vegas Challenge
In anticipation of Fallout 4's release, I thought we could have a fun little RTR New Vegas Challenge. The challenge itself goes a bit like this, reinstall Fallout: New Vegas assuming you ever uninstalled it, install certain mods that I will talk about in a minute, play the game on Hard-Core mode, AND on Very Hard difficulty. The objective is to get at least 10 hours of play time under these settings, and complete the main story. At this time, I'm not going to announce exactly what the prize for this challenge is, but I am aiming to make it awesome. Also, we can brainstorm a way for people who don't own New Vegas to have a challenge of their own. The Required Mods: Fallout Mod Manager FOMM - An often necessary tool for installing and managing your Fallout mods. New Vegas Script Extender - Another utility for making sure your mods work and run smoothly. Make sure to download version 4.5 stable. 4GB New Vegas - Enables Large Address Aware for Fallout, allowing the game to use more than the default 2GB of RAM. Very useful if you want to run complex mods. Once both NVSE and NV4G are installed, running the NewVegas4gb.exe will launch NVSE in 4GB mode. New Vegas Anti-Crash - Helps prevent game crashes. Also nice to have. The Mod Configuration Menu - needed for some mods. Allows you to tweak mod settings from the ESC menu while in-game. Project Nevada - A mod I consider an absolute essential for any New Vegas playthough. Allows players to tweak/rebalance many game mechanics. And adds wonderful things like sprinting, quick grenade throwing, inventory sorting, and night vision for Power Armor. More Perks - Adds a bunch (120+) of interesting and funny perks to the game. Some are wacky and wild, others are more practical. A World of Pain - Adds 114 custom made dungeons and buildings to the world of New Vegas. Lots of difficult fights lie ahead. Increased Wasteland Spawns - IWS adds faction-based guards and patrols to the Mojave. Now squads of NCR Troopers and Legionnaires will do battle across the wasteland. Also adds more spawns for creatures. Once you have all these mods installed and you run the game for the first time you will need to change one last thing for the challenge. Open up the PN Rebalance menu under Mod Configure, in the ESC menu, and go to Character+Damage. There you should set NPC Hitpoints to have the same Endurance and Level multipliers that player characters receive.
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