meeting Old Friends

I recently attended a Conference that was for pastors. I was sitting in the middle - and they introduced this guy as the new Military Chaplain for our denomination. Church of the Nazarene. When they said his name I remembered this guy with the same name in a church I used to attend. I went over after the meeting and asked him if he ever lived in South Portland, Maine and he said yes he had quite afew years ago. I said do you remember who were the leaders of the church - he said he did. I then caught him looking for my name tag, I had moved it to my pocket. He asked my name and I knew we had a connection. To make a long story short - we spent the evening together talking about our experieces since we last saw each other. He just retired from the Army as a Full Bird Col Chaplain. Needless to say we had quite a conversation about all the things that have happened. He finished 3 tours of Afghanistan and had been in Desert Storm. I am hoping to have many more conversations with him. Just thinking about all those who serve. Blessings and prayers for all. Papa