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Right To Rule Official Member Handbook
Complete Edition




Welcome to the Right To Rule [ЯтR] Community. [ЯтR] is based upon respect, having fun, and associating with other players with common interests. Our servers, website, and other services exist solely to ensure that you and your comrades get the maximum gaming experience available. Everyone involved within the [ЯтR] community is expected to be treated respectfully and fairly by each other. As a guest or a member of the [ЯтR] Community, you are expected to uphold and maintain the rules and guidelines of our servers and gaming experiences. It is important to keep in mind that being a member of [ЯтR] is a privilege, not a right. In the unfortunate situation that these rules have to be enforced we can and will terminate the users ability to utilize services within the community based on the guidelines listed below. This handbook has been created to reflect the core foundation of our community's goals and values. This is the starting point for every new member and a reference for any member seeking answers to how we operate. Any violation of the handbook or any other amendments published are subject to punishment and/or termination from the community as outlined below.





























· 2.5.1- Team Kills



· 2.6.2- ETIQUETTE


· 2.8- [ЯтR] TAGS/I.D.













· 7.3- RULINGS

· 7.4- APPEALS




10.0- RANK




General Rules are the basic rules and guidelines we require just to be a part of the community. They are enforced to maintain a level of respect and to ensure a great gaming experience for everyone. [ЯтR] enforces these rules with vigilance and zero tolerance for many basic offenses. These rules are enforced to keep our organizational image pristine and our community respectful to our guests and one another. No rule from [ЯтR] is intended to be unfair, biased, or temperamental in any way. Any person (member or guest) on our servers caught breaking these rules will be punished according to the following list of guidelines below.These rules must be followed by anyone who uses our services in anyway.

[ЯтR] enforces our basic Code of Conduct in a serious manner which is part of the foundation our community strives upon. Without this, chaos and disrespect would be abundant within the servers we control and the games we play. These Codes of Conduct will be enforced entirely and with zero tolerance in effect. No exceptions, no excuses.

Racial comments are not tolerated by [ЯтR] whatsoever. This includes anything said over the microphone, in text, or in your username. Our definition of a racial rule infraction is anything that can be perceived offensive to another person in the form of a slur or a modification of one that has an underlying racial background. If you are caught violating this rule, you will receive one warning to cease text/verbally racial slurring or to change your name. Refusal to do so will result in immediate action and possible permanent banning all servers operated by [ЯтR]. This rule applies to any player in our servers or any representation of the [ЯтR] name.

Religious comments shall be refrained from use within the server. This includes religious insults, differences of all forms and types. Because [ЯтR] is a world-wide community, many members and players are from different or no religious background. Thus, we request you respect everyone for their religious choices and refrain from making any such comments pertaining to religion in any server we operate or in any representation of the [ЯтR] name.

Politics are involved in our everyday lives, and can start a heated debate with anyone having an opposing point of view. For this reason we do not allow any political influences, comments or ideals to be portrayed publicly within the servers we operate. Many players like to escape the political world we live in today to focus on the game rather than real world events, and we come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore to reduce discrimination we do not allow any political comments that can be perceived offensive, rude, or violent. If you wish to take part in a discussion of a political nature please do so in private or within a clearly labeled channel in teamspeak.Users must make a reasonable effort to inform others of their political discussion and provide a choice of taking part. Using the public lobby, game rooms, or game servers themselves is prohibited.

[ЯтR] does not condone any comments that can be suggested to be disrespectful towards another player. People come to [ЯтR] for a positive gaming experience. We will not tolerate religious, political, racially degrading, or gender specific name calling of any kind. Anything [ЯтR] perceives to be disrespectful towards another player will be handled accordingly at the discretion of the ranking officer on duty. This can include termination from all access to [ЯтR] and its services.

Any conduct that [ЯтR] that can be deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, discriminatory, or even immature can result in a punishment leading up to and/or including termination from [ЯтR] services. Remember, do unto others as you would have done to you.

[ЯтR] members are hand-selected for maturity and respect. A privilege that should also be given to you in return. If any [ЯтR] member requests you to do something, please do so in a humble manner. [ЯтR] members will not request you to do something unreasonable. If you believe that something unreasonable was requested of you, please file a complaint in a private setting within the ranks of [ЯтR]. Do not lash out in an immature manner or otherwise retaliate in any other form that breaks our rules set forth. You can at anytime file a serious complaint about any member to the leaders of [ЯтR] by sending an email to “

[ЯтR] strongly enforces the offense of Team Killing/Wounding. Accidents do happen when a dead-comrade has fallen or an accidental run in though a dark hallway. [ЯтR] wishes that you apologize if you have done so and forgive if it was done to you.This shows good sportsmanship and provides a positive resolution to an otherwise negative action. What [ЯтR] does not tolerate is the intentional actions of killing or wounding teammates. This shows a lack of respect for other players and is reflected as immature upon the [ЯтR] name. In some instances [ЯтR] has provided an automated service to help keep this occurrence under control without constant administrator involvement in our servers. The automated service keeps a record of how many team wounds and team kills a player has acquired and acts accordingly. This information is kept in a log and if we find that you are a habitual team killer/wounder, you can and will be banned permanently from all services [ЯтR].

[ЯтR] is an extensive community that stretches its outreach in many areas of gaming. Our family is extremely large and always has room to grow with every new member we select to be a part of community. [ЯтR] is an invite only organization which strives to hand select each new member based upon maturity and respect for the games they play and one another . A player who wishes to join should register at our website and submit an application in the members section located at If you play often, are respectful, skillful, and enjoyable, you will soon be invited when we believe you are ready. Do not constantly ask about your application status. Recruiting is the only way the organization can grow, but accepting the right members who reflect our core values is key. [ЯтR] does all recruiting and soliciting within our own servers or publicly owned servers to which no other clan specifically holds the rights to. [ЯтR] does not go to other private servers to recruit or solicit players for membership. As such, we request that if you are a part of a clan already, you do not recruit or solicit any of our members or guests in our server to join your other groups. We find this method very disrespectful and will take appropriate actions to ensure that it stops immediately.

Amendment 1.4 (a): Upon recruitment, if [ЯтR] deems your username inappropriate or immature, we WILL request that you change your username and resubmit your application. Refusal to do so will result in your application being dropped permanently.

Blocking seems to be the most annoying instance that can occur on most any game we play. It hinders our progression to an area of a map and most often can lead to our demise. If a player is blocking a well traveled path, please ask the individual nicely to move for you to go by. DO NOT SHOOT THEM, this adds a team kill to your list , reflects badly upon your name and can instigate a larger issue within your team. If they continue to block, let an administrator know or try to report them using the “reporting tool”.If the game has a centrally controlled server or Right To Rule has no administrative control to relay a proper response to the player in question the punishment portion of this rule is void to everyone outside of the organization. [ЯтR] members can still be reprimanded for breaking this rule even outside of our servers if your actions prove to be unsportsmanlike conduct.

Unfortunately, there are individuals out there, floating from server to server, who believe that they have to have computer assistance to play these community based games. [ЯтR] members, as well as other gamers, take great offense to this and we do not allow this behavior from ANY member bearing the [ЯтR] tag in anyway. This section will help you attempt to identify different types of cheats and how to react to them. The following listed are two of the most common cheats known to the gaming world. There would be numerous pages to list the types and mode of hacks used in games, we are not able to list all of them but these are a general few.

AIMBOT: Is a hack that assists in aiming towards other players. Instead of improving your skill and accuracy by hard work and understanding your weaponry, this program automatically aims your weapon to the head of your enemy and kills them usually in a one-shot-kill. A way to identify this hack is to keep track of that players kills. Usually they will have an unusual amount of accuracy with a normally inaccurate weapon (I.E. Thompson with singleshot headshots is uncommon). Another way to check is to spectate them and watch them in a first person view. If they are hacking, a usual sign is extreme shaking of the screen that you view. Although it is shaky to you, it is clear to that hacker. We can go into a scientific explanation as to why it does so but we won't. One other way you can determine an AIMBOT or other hack, is the EXTREME difference in the kill per death ratio (k%/d%). For example if the player has 125 kills / 5 deaths.
WALLHACK: is a hack that allows the player to see enemy and friendly positions through walls. This can foil any attempts of a surprise attack as well as just random fun. You cannot view what the player can view. Usually they can see through walls like superman or they have indicators that move around in direct sight. One way to try to identify a wall hacker is by observing their point of view (in first person). Usually they show high signs of staring at blank walls constantly or following floorplans visually as if someone was walking up stairs (TRACKING).

Because [ЯтR] takes cheating very seriously, we request that you leave all punishment or accusations to [ЯтR] administrators. You can still most definitely help us in ways that count. Please, don’t openly accuse players of cheating or hacking. If you feel that someone is cheating, please send an email on our website and include a demo-video of the said accused or any other proof you can provide. Any Member caught cheating will be immediately removed from the organization and banned from all services we provide. We do not and will not ever condone cheating within our own servers or in public games we play.

As we have mentioned before under section 1.1, we do not accept any racial defamation in anyone's game username whatsoever. Another requirement we have is that you have a username at all. [ЯтR] does not allow any "BLANK" names to be used in our server and you will be asked to correct this. Failure to do so will result in a kick from our server. Although the default name of "UNNAMED" is acceptable, we do request that you pick a name for yourself. This creates an identity that associates you within the gaming community of [ЯтR]. Any argument with any [ЯтR] member will be considered disrespectful and could lead to a ban. Also noted that any non-member who is found to possess an [ЯтR] tag in their name will be permanently banned for impersonation. Having the [ЯтR] tag is an earned and respected right. We take great offense to this infraction. This is non-negotiable.

As a community of gamers, we all know that no game is infallible. Glitches occur, graphic errors happen, and we all find a nook or cranny that we can go that no one else can find yet or easily get to. We all know these as Map/Server Exploits. Please use common sense and sportsman like conduct if you decide to take advantage of a potential weakness or exploit in a games design. These sometimes fall along the same lines as cheating and this could reflect poorly upon you as a member.

If you have been punished, banned, permanently banned, have any questions, issues, comments, or more, PLEASE fill out a support ticket located at: .[ЯтR] WILL NOT resolve any infractions without the submittal of a support ticket. Reason being it eliminates confusion, keeps a paper trail, and alleviates the traffic we receive from multiple sources.



This section of the handbook addresses the requirements of being a member within the gaming community of Right To Rule. For a beginning member, you will or should have already been introduced to the community via our communications system by telling us about yourself, why you joined, and your favorite cheese. Please read the entire handbook and any other section(s) that may be applicable to your membership within the community. This handbook has been designed to inform you of how we function as a community and eliminate confusion or questions. All other questions you should consult your Squad Leader, Community Representative, or a Leader of [ЯтR]. As a member, you are required to maintain and uphold the rules set forth in this handbook to the highest extent including the General Population section. Failure to do so can and will result in your termination from the community and all of its amenities.

The [ЯтR] Community consists of people from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and more. As a community, [ЯтR] members are required to respect and honor each and every players' uniqueness. (Other members and gamers alike). Although we all like to have a good time and joke around, please do not go overboard. If another member is offended by such content and requests it to stop, do so immediately. Any kind of harassment is not tolerated at all within our gaming servers or teamspeak. Any public infraction will result in immediate punishment, and/or termination.

As a member of the [ЯтR] Community, you are responsible for upholding peace and order within the servers of [ЯтR]. Because of the large traffic of gaming users that access our resources, there are a select few that choose to go against the system that we have established. If a visitor of our servers violates the General Rules of the community, you as a member should respond to such situation in a cool, calm, and collected manner. When such an incident occurs, always warn the individual of their infraction and ask them to stop. If they persist to disrupt the function of the community, report this infraction to a Server Administrator or Leader immediately. If no-one is available, write down the players' TEAMSPEAK ID, player name, and reason for punishment then submit it as a support ticket or to an administrator for further punishment.

Your reaction to a player's infraction can either calm or escalate the situation. Always use the General Rules as a reference when explaining to someone the requirements as being apart of the gaming community. As a member you are required to also abide by these guidelines and set a positive example for all.

Right to Rule is based on the military organization structure. We base our community on such a structure to maintain a consistent, reliable, and efficient operation. Every link in the chain must function to the highest efficiency in order to make this community work. Follow all orders given by higher ranking officers and leaders. We have a Chain of Command set in place for a reason. Ranking officers are in place because they show leadership qualities, maturity, and responsibility which distribute workload required to run such a community. Their judgment should be held in the highest respect. Users are given rank basied upon time served or organizational responsibility. An Officer or leader will never issue an order that is unnecessary. If you feel that you were asked to perform a function that seemed questionable, unethical or somehow violated our rules you may protest that incident with your Squad Leader or a Leader of Right To Rule. An internal investigation will be conducted.

One of the community's most focused on requirement is attendance during routine meetings as well as special events or emergency occasions. Meeting attendance to a is the best way to stay on top of new recruits, promotions, upcoming events, news, new games and issues. Having an outstanding attendance record increases your chances for promotion, exciting assignments, and recognition within the community. [ЯTR] is aware that everyone does have a life existing beyond the community, game, and cyberspace, and is aware that emergencies, employment, personal, physical and other needs may have priority over the community's interests. We completely understand and will not punish you for not showing up in any other way except for holding your next rank increase until you attend a meeting.

7:00pm (1900HRS) PACIFIC TIME,
8:00pm (2000HRS) Mountain Time
9:00pm (2100HRS) Central Time,
10:00pm (2200HRS) Eastern Time.

In the event of a holiday falling on a weekend there will never be a meeting. This includes any holiday celebrated in the United States such as Easter, Christmas, Labor day etc. The only other exception not listed as a holiday is Super Bowl Sunday.

This situation can cover a wide variety of reasons and outcomes. Forms of punishment for things such as failure to attend meetings can consist of Demotions, Restricted access, temporary holds on your account, slow or delayed promotions. The community does not enjoy punishing its members since we all enjoy each other's company in and outside the gaming world. Unfortunately punishments are necessary to maintain consistency and order. If you do get punished, react with pride and work your way back up to the required standards.

· 2.5.1- TEAM KILLS
Unfortunately team kills can happen to even the best of people as well as fellow members vs. members. [ЯтR] requests that you do not punish a fellow member for any reason. Punishing members reflects a poor, immature image to the general public. [ЯтR]'s goal is to promote a mature, fun, and legitimate gaming community.

Communications is key in any organization that wishes to thrive. Communications clear confusion, keep all members informed, and are key in any decisive battle. [ЯтR] requires that each member must obtain, maintain, and upgrade or change to any communications program and/or device that the community is using such as teamspeak.

Current requirements for the [ЯтR] community:
STEAM COMMUNITY (Invite Required) *****OPTIONAL*****
[ЯтR] requires that you obtain, maintain, and upgrade to all MANDATORY programs. Other requirements are that you obtain or own a microphone (TEAMSPEAK REQUIRED). Microphones are inexpensive and easy to install, this increases communications tenfold in the meetings and on the gaming world. Without Microphone communications, it makes it alot more difficult to communicate with members in game and at meetings.
· 2.6.2- ETIQUETTE
Because of the wide communications and multimedia networks that [ЯтR] is involved in, proper etiquette is required to maintain a mature community. Since [ЯтR] provides these communications with other games and players, we ask that you respect every game channel in such a manner that you do not interrupt any gameplay or meetings. During mandatory meetings (SUNDAYS 7pm PST) at the beginning, the channels are moderated so that only the leaders and server administrators can speak. During this portion, you are not allowed to disrupt the meeting. Only during the open portion, in an organized manner, will you be able to speak freely. During organized events (I.E. WOT tournaments, etc ) you are not allowed to access that channel unless requested or permitted to do so. Competition teams need concentration to coordinate tactics. As does the General Public, you must adhere to all rules regarding racial, sexual, or improper talking, this includes texting, typing, chatting, speaking, spamming, spraying, etc in-game, on Team Speak or other communication devices used by the [ЯтR] community. Punishments will vary upon severity, repeat offences can lead to termination. All offenses will be recorded in your permanent record.

Representatives are elected to be a spokesperson for the people of Right To Rule. They are elected from time to time as needed within the community. Representatives are elected every term by vote or if the petitioner has run unopposed. Representatives help alleviate the stresses placed on the Leaders when it comes to members with ideas, suggestions, problems, issues, or in need of assistance. Our leaders maintain the servers day and night and are occasionally too busy to assist a member. There are multiple ways to contact a representative, either by forum, email, Teamspeak (in the appropriate TS Channel), Steam Friends, or by personal contact if the representative wishes to divulge such information. Please contact a representative with anything, if a representative cannot solve the issue, they will know where to search for or direct appropriate personnel.
Requirements to be eligible for Representative:
1. You cannot be in your 30-day probationary period (PVT. Rank), you must be PFC. or greater to run for office.
2. You must be able to attend before and or after or specially called meetings if informed with sufficient advanced notice.
3. You cannot run consecutive terms. You can only run alternating terms, unless you run unopposed.
4. You must be willing to assist people with needs or wants which may interrupt normal community functions. Again Representatives are there to help the community in every way.

2.8- [ЯтR] TAGS/I.D.
As a member of [ЯтR], you are require to wear the tag at all times when involved in community activities, games, etc. As a member, you should be proud to wear the tag on your name and represent the community. When in any [ЯтR] Server, you must wear your tags at all times (including spectating hackers). Failure to place a tag in a server will result in a warning, refusal to amend can include a temporary ban from the server until your case is reviewed. You must also be logged into TEAMSPEAK and in the appropriate channel when playing on an [ЯтR] server. This is to ensure security of our community from potential imitators and hackers. We do not enforce this policy if you are gaming on another server(s) but request you still wear the [ЯтR] tag for representing your community.

Proper placement and punctuation of your tag will be shown as this :" [ЯтR] *RANK.* NAME ": (I.E. [ЯтR] Sgt. Savage).
In the event that ЯтR cannot be used for any reason, the preferred tag is [rTr].
We also have a wide and growing variety of clan logos for use in game, please discuss the use of such logos in game with your squad leader or other leadership members.

[ЯтR] Does not allow you to be apart of another community or clan without approval from the Leaders. This rule is extremely important to the community for many reasons, one being first and foremost to protect the integrity of the community in the future. [ЯтR] provides many tools and materials specific to its members and do not want these resources released to other communities or clans. [ЯтR] has always made an attempt to outreach in various gaming areas. If there is a game that [ЯтR] does not provide a division or services for, please inform your representative of this suggestion and a formal inquiry will be conducted to attempt and incorporate your game with the community for expansion. If we cannot still provide you services for your interest, a formal request must be submitted to your Squad Leader who will submit (forward) your request to a leader of Right To Rule for permission to join a clan. Your request will be looked into thoroughly. If your request is denied, you may request arbitration. If your request is ultimately denied, we wish you respect the decision and continue your participation with the community. Our intentions are not to withhold you from a gaming experience, but the community must also protect its interests as well. If you are found to be in another clan without prior approval, you can be terminated and revoked from all access, permissions, resources, and other issuant in [ЯтR].



Administrators are the policing force of the [ЯтR] Community. They are there to make sure that the gaming experience runs as smoothly as possible. Administrators hold the rank of Master Sergeant (with basic administrative rights) and Commissioned Officers (Lieutenants and above (with full administrative rights). Administrators have the right to punish and ban as they see fit as long as it abides by [ЯтR] Community standards. Administrators are hand-selected by the leaders when they agree and feel that the person selected is mature, willing, and able to manage our community. Being an administrator is a privilege, not a right, and is a position highly desired as well as highly visible to the community and the public. Actions as an administrator are held to the highest standard and held to the highest responsibility. Your actions as one can greatly affect your future in the [ЯтR] community.

When promoted to a Master Sergeant (MSgt.), this is your introduction into the administration of our gaming world. All your actions will be taken in consideration before the promotion to a higher Echelon. Basic administrative rights are given at this rank. Although on the GUI (Gaming User Interface) menu, banning is available to you, we recommend that as a MSgt, you refrain from this option unless it is absolutely necessary. Please refrain from changing settings pertaining to the server or resources without prior approval from appropriate channels. Disciplinary actions could be taken up to and including termination from [ЯтR] and its services based on the severity of the issue at hand.

When promoted to a Lieutenant, this is the next step in the administrative world. More doors are at your disposal, but in return, it requires more commitment and responsibility. Lieutenants are assigned routine tasks and jobs to help assist in the community to help things function. Lieutenants are also assigned a squad to maintain communications and attendance of each member. The same is applied for ranks above Lieutenant. More advanced settings and permissions are given at this level. DO NOT abuse the powers or change any settings pertaining to the server or resources without prior approval from appropriate channels. Changing something without checking could result in disaster. If this occurs, disciplinary actions could be taken up to and including termination. Leader (or ADMIN) meetings are held after regular meetings in the designated channel in TEAMSPEAK. Same rules apply as for attendance and excused absences. Failure to attend these meetings can result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination from [ЯтR] and its services.



The following members have helped make our community what it is today. Without them, we would not have near the amount of resources and structure that we have today. These members must always be shown respect in every form in addition to your Team and Division leaders. The following members make up the Leadership of Right to Rule.

Leader of the clan, looks over all divisions and constantly paves the road for future development. Presents new ideas for other leaders to review and implement. Founder of Right To Rule
Lieutenant General
Second in command.
Looks over all divisions and future development, promotions/demotions Disciplinary actions.
Major General
Third in command
Server upkeep, web services, Server, Member Roster, Recruiting, Web Development, Disciplinary actions.
Brigadier General
Fourth in Command
Promotions, Member and Public Relations, promotions/demotions Disciplinary actions.
Brigadier General
Fifth in Command
Promotions, Member and Public Relations



Officers are members holding the rank of Lieutenant (LT.) and above. Officers are given specific duties that help support the structure of the community. The duties may vary depending on the community's needs and wants. Officers are held to the highest of standards with full administrative control. Officers MUST attend the meeting following the regular meeting unless informed by appropriate personnel otherwise. Failure to follow OFFICER requirements can result in disciplinary action, including demotion, up to or including termination.



This Recruiting section is the tutorial for members, administrators, and officers to expand the realm of the [ЯтR] Community

[ЯтR] Members of any rank can recommend a player to apply for the [ЯтR] community. Do so by verifying they have/do the following:
1. A Microphone *****MANDATORY*****
2. Fill out the application on our website.
3. Register with the [ЯтR] website to allow access to forums.
4. Meet the requirements and demands the [ЯтR] community requires of its members.

Once an approved member feels that a recruit is eligible to become a member, the application processing will begin. This section will inform you on how to appropriately explain the requirements, demands, and information needed to successfully prepare the recruit to member process.
1. Make sure that the applicant has met all the MEMBER RECOMMENDATION SECTION.
2. Look over the application thoroughly. READ all of the notes, comments, and information filled out. If the applicant's name is inappropriate, information inconclusive, incorrect, or other errors found, have them refill a corrected application. A PERFECT APPLICATION IS NECESSARY FOR PROPER INFORMATION RECORDING AND PROCESSING.
3. Although it is NOT required, it is recommended that you "ask" around with other member's their opinion on the applicant. I.E.> How often do they play, are they mature, are they sincere, have they had any punishments, rule violations, or other issues concerning them.
4. Flag the application, then approve it. THIS IS AN UNDOABLE PROCESS.
5. Have the applicant download, install, and input the appropriate information. Give a brief walkthrough on the program.
6. Make sure they are invited to the steam community group if possible.
7. Have the recruit read, understand, and accept the handbook.
8. After the application has been accepted, in the members section, filter by SQUAD, locate the new applicant (should be under UNASSIGNED SQUAD), and assign the applicant to a squad with the least amount of players. **NOTE: Assigning a member to a squad for any other reason but the LEAST AMOUNT IN THE SQUAD, can be a punishable offense, which could include revocation of recruiting permissions, up to and including termination.
9. Explain to the applicant the importance of the meetings, and obligations explained in the handbook.
10. Answer any questions that the new applicant may have. If you do not have the answer, either contact or forward the question to the appropriate personnel.
11. Congratulate the new applicant in joining one of the best gaming communities he will ever belong to and welcome them to the family.



Arbitration, which is based on court-like proceedings, is a system formed on checks and balances that ensure that each and every [ЯтR] Member(s) or issue(s), are given complete, secured, unbiased reviews and opinions. Arbitration is also similar to Jury Duty. Any member who is part of the [ЯтR] Community may be called upon to perform their civil duty and attend arbitration. Any member has the right to request an arbitration meeting. Depending on the issue(s) involving the member(s), each member is allowed three (3) strikes on their record. The three (3) strikes may be waived depending on the member's acts and/or omissions.

In the event that a member(s) are considered for termination from the community, arbitration will take place. The leaders of the community and/or assigned officers will meet with the involved parties to discuss the reason for termination, or a solution that everyone could agree upon. All facts will be reviewed. Insufficient evidence or false claims will dismiss the arbitration. False evidence or claims submitted for arbitration could result in counterclaims.

Issue reviews are brought to arbitration if the issue cannot be resolved on the public/private forums or if the elected Representatives cannot conclude an issue, or if the parties were not satisfied with the decision of the issue review. Arbitration for issues is a last resort effort for reaching a final ruling on all issues involved. Issues should still be primarily brought to the attention of the elected Representatives and not bypassed. In the event that there are no currently elected Representatives issues must be brought to the attention of the Leaders.. Please provide proof that this has occurred. Failure to prove incomplete evidence can or will dismiss the arbitration. These forms of arbitration should be reserved for emergency or drastic community affected issues. (not map preferences, changes, etc..)

All rulings are made based upon the facts and details of the member(s) or problem in arbitration. All rulings are declared final after all investigations, facts, details, and options are fully reviewed.

All decisions and rulings are final. The only person who can overrule the decision of the arbitration and it's arbitrators is the Community Leader. The Community Leader can not overturn the ruling but can request a new arbitration meeting to be held by different arbitrators.

If you are selected to attend an arbitration meeting, it is REQUIRED. Failure to appear to an arbitration meeting (without a valid excuse) can or will result in punishment or termination from the community without the option of arbitration.



Donations are what support the [ЯтR] community. Most of our financial support comes from the members themselves. Donations received are used strictly for [ЯтR] purposes only. Donations go towards multiple servers that we provide, communication programs, website registration, and expansion into other games and server realms. Occasionally we also offer a contest to win prizes and games as public attractions. If you would like to make a donation please visit the website If you have any questions on how to donate, visit the FAQ section of our website. Thank you.



Member records are to be kept up to date. Records range from attendance, rank promotions/demotions, disciplinary actions, recommendations, etc.

10.0- RANK


The order of the ranking system in our clan is as follows:
PRIVATE (Probationary Period - 30 Days )
PRIVATE FIRST CLASS (Probationary Period Complete)
MASTER SERGEANT (Basic Administrative Powers)
LIEUTENANT (Full Administrative Rights)



Being a part of the [ЯтR] community is not strictly business. We always strive to have fun and good times with fellow players. You must understand that these rules and guidelines have been placed to ensure fun and fair entertainment for everyone. We enjoy playing in a fun atmosphere and being respected by those we play with. These rules are written and enforced because of past experiences and problems that we have had and would not like to repeat, as well as inform you of what we require to be a part of our community. Pleading Ignorant to these rules outlined above will not be accepted as an excuse. So remember, have fun, play smart and again, thank you for being a part of Right To Rule [ЯтR].

rev. 08/01/16