Which Phone Do You Own?

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Which Phone Do You Own?
I currently own the HTC One M8 and am poised to purchase the HTC 10 due to the fact that they've added a swath of excellent features and increased the feasibility for the device. I am currently on the T-Mobile network but might purchase the unlocked one because I am growing to hate the preinstalled bloatware on phones because it takes up extra space; I'd rather have a package that I can download from T-Mobile from the Google Play store and install what I want afterwards.
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I own an LG G3 with AT&T as

I own an LG G3 with AT&T as my provider. I like the phone for the most part. Went from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to it, coming from an iPhone 3 to that I believe. Been all over the place.

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Kind of Phone

I have a Moto G that uses the WIFI to call out as primary and switches to cell when no wifi is available.

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