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Tonight we celebrate the release of Blizzard's most anticipated game since World of Warcraft.

After almost a year of beta testing, Blizzard is finally live with their new team-based FPS Overwatch.

We have an exclusive Release Party setup in our Teamspeak.

Every Sunday we have a game of the week which is announced during our meeting wrap-up.
Our 'Sunday Funday' game will be Overwatch on May 29, 2016 so come on and join the fun this Sunday.
More info can be found by hanging out in our Teamspeak.

If you want to join our gaming session, fire up Teamspeak at teamspeak.righttorule.com Port 9987

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KayVeeRiot's picture
Its not faaaaiiirrrr

I really want to play this. It kills me that my pc isnt strong enough to run some of the newer stuff coming out

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In Depth Strategy Guide

The following site contains an in-depth strategy guide for all characters currently available on Overwatch. Includes character backgrounds, actual numbers for various damages/abilities, and character to character matchup strategies. Worth a look even if you think you know your characters.


NOTE: This is not an endorsement of the individual who maintains the site but of the information contained therein.