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Games In 2016
So far everyone has been loving the 2016 game Ark and Division. While I'm impartial to both, I'd really like to play Division because it sounds like an amp'ed up Battlefield 4. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to playing more Battlefield 4 and CS:GO just because these games I haven't played in quite some time. Tell everyone, what games are you looking to play this 2016 year?
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I'm all for Overwatch from

I'm all for Overwatch from Blizzard. I kinda want to say MOBA, but more TF2 with the way the battles go.

Doom is also looking like a contender for those who want to go back to the roots of classic shooters.

No Man's Sky is the ARK building blocks meets Space Engineers using Elite Dangerous' in a procedural universe. Space Battles with Planetary or Space development.

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I'm kind of pumped to try

I'm kind of pumped to try Overwatch. Watched the videos and gameplay of it today and it looks fun.
I really want to get the newish Assassin's Creed, but I'm going to wait for that to go on sale.

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