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Welcome New Recruits!

Welcome to RTR to all the new recruits we've gotten in the past 2 weeks! Im sure you will all enjoy this group as much as I have! Keep coming back and if you wanna move up in rank then recruit or help us out with the website or come up with cool ways to improve our group!

This coming Throwback is gonna be TF2 so GET READY! I cant wait to play it again I remember being addicted to it a long time ago.


We have had great success with DoD:S as a Throwback game so of course we are gonna play it again this week! But now I need suggestions for what you'd like to play in the future! Something everyone would love to play. Just drop me a comment and let me know what youd like to play on our Throwback night!


Remember fellow gamers, We still want to build our community of awesome gamer dudes and dudettes. So keep offering to people you play online with! Recruiting is a great way to be involved and move up in rank!