Tonight for throwback thursday I'm trying to get some members together to play a little Left4Dead2! Put your new games down for a couple hours and join in some ZOMBIE KILLLIIINNNGGGG. Should be meeting up in teamspeak around 9pm ET. So please come out and hang out with us and kill some dang zambies.

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Throwback Gaming

Hey guys, it's KayVeeRiot telling YOU that older games need some love too. Ive been bouncing around my list trying to find something to play and I stumbled across an old favorite. Left4Dead2. Now I hadnt touched this game in over a year so I was fairly sure I'd be rubbish trying to play after so long. And I had also forgotten about all the hilarious mods I installed. SO!! I wanna play with some RTR folks sometime. You know you want to. Come kill zombies with me!